The process for coming up with the Manifesto

The team came together during the Scrum Coaching Retreat at Goa on 31st Jan, 1st Feb and 2nd Feb 2016 and discussed and deliberated over how the contracts should be structured to enable Agile implementations.

The team was assembled on 31st Jan 2016


  • Executive Guidance and Sponsorship was provided by Madhur Kathuria, CST and organizer of the Scrum Retreat at Goa.


  • The team decided a backlog at the start of the Sprint 0 on 31st January 2016


  • During the first sprint, the team worked on “Mindset of Supplier’s Management”, “Mindset of the Vendor Management / Customer Management” and “Mindset of the team” with regards to Contracts and Work Orders.
  • During the Second Sprint, the team worked on items related to the changes required in the Fixed Price (FP) contract, Time and Material Contracts (T&M) and Master Contract to enable agility.

  • The Sprints and progress was tracked meticulously





  • During the First and Second Sprint, while discussing the items, the team came up with Guiding Principles on Vendor Management process.
  • During the Third and Final Sprint, a Vendor Management Manifesto was prepared and the Manifesto documented.

12 principles

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